The PrimeFish project’s Dissemination Annual Reports are a series of deliverables that describe and analyse the dissemination activities carried out during each year of the project lifetime. In this case, the second year (2016 - 2017) of the PrimeFish dissemination and communication is analysed through the communications and strategies set to reach the target groups. In particular, this document details the actions performed regarding communication as well as the impact reached, highlighting the major conclusions and results.

These activities have been characterized by the use of the promotional material (website, poster, leaflet, newsletter) in the onsite events held of interest for the PrimeFish project and vice-versa (e.g. Seafood Exhibition, IIFET special session) as well as documenting the performance of the online communities managed (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube). Special attention has been paid to the PrimeFish “Promoting Seafood Consumption” contest due to its relevance to reach the general audience and boost the interactions on the digital media and project visibility to the general public. The trends and size of the current PrimeFish community will guarantee the impact and uptake of the major outcomes developed in the PrimeFish project, the Prime Decision Support System and Framework.


PrimeFish document  Deliverable 7.4. Dissemination Annual Report II





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