Each year PrimeFish analyses the performance of the dissemination and communication activities with a new issue of the Dissemination Annual Report. This documents compiles and reviews the activities realised by the project from March 2017 to February 2018, outlining the main achievements and challenges to come. In this report PrimeFish finds a tool to update, tailor and develop its know-how, showing effective strategies and tested actions when engaging external and internal audiences with the project (e.g. fishermen, aquaculture organizations, policy-makers).

During its third year of activity, PrimeFish has shown a steady increase of impact through on-line and off-line channels with fewer activities. This shows that the communities built around the project have become consolidated, and that the project has a deeper knowledge of their interests and influence. Events celebrated in conjunction with trade fairs and scientific associations have played a major role when disseminating the outcomes among the decision makers and peers.


PrimeFish document  Deliverable 7.5. Dissemination Annual Report III





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