On the 6th of October Vigo hosted a PrimeFish workshop on competitiveness, marketing and value chain. Main results of the project together with the market-oriented prediction toolbox for the seafood sector (PrimeDSS), in development, were presented to 17 representants of the Spanish aquaculture, fisheries and processor sector.

The meeting was focused on 3 of the 6 modules that will build up the application PrimeDSS:

  • Product success check: to analyse the launching process of news products and key success factors for seafood products.
  • Competitive position analyser: to identify and measure the key variables that affect seafood products in relation to the competitiveness environment where they are working.
  • Value chain analyser: to look at the global value chain of seafood products and the opportunities and weakness that you may face.

Participants share their interest on the management of data in the project and the possibilities to apply PrimeFish outcomes in their daily operations.

You can get updated on the main highlights of the meeting with this one-page summary, including links to presentations and conclusions:

PrimeFish document

 The Situation of the Seafood Products Market, is it Possible to be More Competitive?